Wayfair: Quotes Generation Tool

Streamlining quotes generation process for associates at Wayfair

The Ask

The existing version of the tool affected the associate’s workflow efficiency by taking them through an internal tool and slowing the associate’s process by 80%.

How might we make the quote generation process easier for the associate?


August 2022
2 weeks

Project Team

Fred Carriedo
Ashesh Gohil
Allie Landry
Muhammadh Riyadh

My Role

Visual Design
Interaction Design
UX Design
UI Design


As a store associate, I need to be able to quickly generate a quote for a customer, so that I can make their visit easy and seamless and have them leave the store feeling confident in their purchase

At a glance

The Quotes Management tool would take the associate through another internal tool, Admin Home, while generating a quote for the customer.

This creates pain points for associates and customers-
  • Associate takes more time to create the quote, and required access to customer’s personal email (presenting a security risk for the customer) .
  • Customer needs to verify within the process and ensure that they have received the quote.




Before streamlining the tool, the quotes generation process took 5 steps with an average time of 40 secs.


Improve Security by no longer logging in through the customer's personal email

Reducing clicks from 5 to 1

Include Add-on services costs' (assembly, installation protection plans, etc) in the quotes


Working within a Design System

Using Wayfair's existing Design System, Homebase, was critical in understanding how to design within an existing design system without proposing new components.

Designing strategy for a phased project

Understanding how to strategize for a slowly evolving project, and designing a version that evolves with the project was a great learning experience.

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