Trend forecast report for Spring/Summer 2021

Derived from the anaglyph effect, panaglyph is a reflection of the influence of the spiritualist movement on modernist art. In a time when technology has become intermingled with our daily lives, the artistic effects of the spiritualist movement give an insight into the remnants of the analog industrial age.


Spring 2019
6 weeks

Project Team

Ashesh Gohil

My Role

Qualitative Research
Trend Forecasting
Book Design
Trend Moodboards
Panaglyph was influenced by underlying trends of their psychedelic iridescence with muted and dark tones as seen in Patricia Urquiola's Shimmer, James Turell's exhibit spaces and many more. These are complemented by glimpses of saturated hues of primary colours


On close observation among museum exhibitions and global events, there were recurring themes of iridescent colors juxtaposing with resurging themes of spiritualism and surrealism.
Excerpt from the report

Color Palette & Application

Rich and earthy greens complement the dark purple hues, with hints of crisp pastel shades. The iridescent blends of blue and pink imitate the dichroic glass and convey an almost imperceptible revival of psychedelic visuals.

A possible application of the palette was visualized onto the Adidas Tubular Nova shoes to understand how the colors would be brought to life.

Taking it one step further

The colors and patterns chosen for the shoe were meant to emphasize the dichroic colors in the current trends with the insole.

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